Advantage and Art

Investments in art are complementary to traditional financial investments, providing a way of diversifying portfolios in unrelated sectors.


Advantage has always been aware of the benefits of art investment and avails of a group of professionals highly qualified in financial and art advisory (investment managers, art advisors, art management) as well as service providers (i.e. storage, insurance, logistics, appraisal) of international standing.


Advantage Art provides and offers advisory services to private banking clients, corporates and institutions. The Advantage Première Art Fund is an independently managed fund specialized in collectable assets.


Sculpture exhibition by Louise Manzon
Gallery 61-New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York City.

Curator: Jennifer Mitchell-Nevin
From April 12th to June 3rd 2016

An event by Advantage Première Art Fund

Advantage Première Art Fund presents Louise Manzon’s exhibition Beyond, held in New York City at Gallery 61 at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). In the exhibition, the artist expands on one of her most creative themes: the archetypes of Greek mythology. Manzon’s work explores various aspects of these classic symbols, including the female figure and its role as the watchful guardian of life’s secrets, sea creatures, the vitality of natural environments, and the perils that threaten those creatures and the hope for their preservation.