• Mobilizing Green Finance for SMEs

    G7 Environment Meeting – April 5-6, 2017 – Venice Conference


    F_Confuorti_120_002by Francesco Confuorti, President, Advantage Financial


    It is a great honor for me to be present here today and address this important gathering. Mobilizing green financing for SMEs and enabling them to pursue green sustainable development is a core dimension of our common future.

    As it is well known, SMEs have been and remain the mainstay of the Italian economy and world famous “Made in Italy” label. Now the time has come to marshal technological innovation in the finance industry and mobilize funds wanting to invest in green ventures to foster sustainable SME development. SMEs, green financing and Fintech is the nexus from which will spring a promising future in Italy as well as in the rest of the G7 nations.

    It is with this perspective that Advantage Financial cooperated with enthusiasm with the Italian Ministry of the Environment, organizer of this conference. UNEP has for years worked on the challenges of mobilizing finance for green development; recognition is due to these efforts and UNEP’s contribution at this conference. – Read more

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  • Advantage Financial work on the ecological footprint and the cost of debt

    Speech of Mr. Francesco Confuorti at the Formiche meeting of March 17, 2016


    F_Confuorti_120_002by Francesco Confuorti, Ceo, Advantage Financial


    In this speech I would like to summarize the my ideas on the relationship between the ecological footprint of corporations and their cost of capital. I am an investment banker rather than an academic, but I always interacted with them, starting from my mentor back in my Chicago years, the late Prof. Rudi Dornbusch, who used to say “Francesco, with other people I study, with You I do business!”.

    Since 2012, I have been wondering how to marry ecology and finance. Most commentators argue that the main link comes from the stock market. Corporations which are more attentive to their ecological impact would create more shareholder value. As most commentators know, this positive link is elusive and and context dependent, it does not always work. — Read more

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  • Growth and Governance in Africa: Towards a Sustainable Success Story


    by Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist, GE


    Africa is increasingly seen as the most promising growth region in the global economy. Its potential has long been recognized, given abundant natural resources and a large, young and fast-growing population. Over the past decade this potential has begun to turn into actual performance, as economic reforms and improvements in governance and institutions have broken a long history of economic instability, conflict and corruption.

    If this time it is for real, Africa represents a tremendous opportunity for the global economy and for global industry players, who can contribute to developing the massive endowment of oil and other commodities, building the infrastructure needed to foster economic growth, from railway links to power generation, and improving both distributed and urban health care provision. African businesses are also poised to reap substantial rewards: they recognize the disruptive potential of accelerating innovation as the digital world meets the physical, and they are ready to become enthusiastic early adopters of new technologies. Most importantly, this is a tremendous opportunity for Africa’s citizens to enjoy a rapid and sustained rise in living standards. – Read more

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